What Can You Do with Chalk Markers?

What Can you Do With Chalk Markers?

Have you ever gone to the art and craft shop, bought a pack of chalkboard markers, got home, and then wondered what to do with them? No need to worry. We’ve put together a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing and show you just how versatile these amazing pens can be.

There are so many different uses for chalk markers. Once you’ve tried them, you’ll always want to have a set of markers in and around the classroom, office, business and home. Here’s a few suggestions to get your inspiration, and the ink, flowing!


The beauty of these markers is that they’re washable, so once the holiday is over you can clean off the decorating, provided it was done on a non-porous surface. Use them on windows and crockery to give a seasonal feel to your home.

They can also be used for special occasions such as weddings or graduations. Think about decorating the glasses or plates. Mini chalkboards can be created as place settings. This can all be washed off after the celebration.


Kids love decorating their own mug or cup at a party. It’s fun and helps keep everyone’s drinks separate. They can take them home after the party.


Use them on boards, windows or walls to make signs and advertisements. This includes making signs to promote special offers for the day. Chalk Markers are invaluable for restaurants, coffee shops, bistros and bars. Use them to write boards advertising your specials for the day, and on street sandwich boards. Write your menu inside on a board on the wall, then as prices change you can simply erase and start again.


These markers are wonderful for labeling jars in the kitchen or food containers. Label jars of homemade preserves and pickles. You can reuse the jar by simply washing the ink off. Chalkboard labels are great for this purpose. They can be used on mason jars, storage boxes in the kids’ rooms and boxes in the garage. The labels don’t have to be replaced to change them, but simply wiped clean.

These labels make stunning gift tags if you punch a hole in them and thread a piece of string through. Write on contact paper and create luggage labels or dog tags. Label items to be stored too.


Create signs to welcome your guests at weddings or other events.


Make a whiteboard calendar and fill it in as creatively as you like. Fill in and change events as the month progresses. How about creating one for the family on the refrigerator door?


Decorate and personalize your stationery such as notebooks, pencil cases and clipboards.


Create personalized gift bags, boxes and cards. If the surface is porous and not compatible with chalk markers, simply stick a piece of clear adhesive contact paper over the top. For example, purchase some inexpensive cookie jars, fill them with homemade goodies, then with your amazing chalk markers, create a personalized label for the jar. Make someone really happy!


Education is where chalk markers really come into their own. Teachers can use them in the classroom in so many different ways to make lessons interesting and unforgettable. They can be used to make lesson plans and signs to fit in with various themes the students are working on. Children love using markers in art classes to express their creativity. Expose them to this new medium and you’ll be amazed at what they come up with!


Did you know you can use chalk markers to transform your home? One really clever idea that we particularly loved was created on a simple brick fireplace. The old red bricks were given a ‘distressed look’ using white chalk markers with thick nibs. The whole project was then sealed with a clear matt acrylic sealer. This is just one of the many ways these amazing pens can add some special magic to your living space.


Small blackboards can look stunning when decorated and framed for a wedding. Try drafting the design in normal chalk first, then make it real with chalk markers. When you’re done, the chalk lines can be erased with cotton buds. Finish the look with upcycled picture frames. Remove the glass from the frames for a matt finish. If you’re making the boards yourself, try black mount-board instead of actual blackboards as it’s easy to cut into size with a craft knife.


There are literally tons of different art and craft projects your kids can do with chalk paints. We’ve put together a few here, but the list is endless.


Get the kids to collect some smooth round stones next time they’re at the beach and show them how to make gifts for their friends, family, and teachers. The stones should be washed and allowed to dry before you start. Use a hairdryer if you’re in a hurry. Paint the rocks with two coats of black acrylic craft paint. The black color will really show up the vibrant impact of the chalk paint.

There’s no need to apply protective spray as a foundation because the chalk paint will adhere to the rock as it is. Once the black paint is properly dry, let the kids get creative with the chalk markers. Encourage them to create patterns, make them into “pets” or whatever else they can think of. Let the ink dry well, which shouldn’t take too long.  Lastly, seal the rocks with a layer or two of clear acrylic sealer.


Let the kids draw on the floor tiles. help them create a hopscotch area where they can play there on a rainy day. The grid can be washed away with some warm, soapy water when the sun comes out and they want to play in the park.


Let the kids draw on their bedroom windows. They can create seasonal motifs like autumn leaves, snowflakes, flowers, or anything they fancy. Their imagination is the only boundary!


If you want to be super-organized next time you move, get yourself some cheap plastic boxes and a pack of chalk markers. Dedicate a color for each room in the new house. Pack your boxes room by room and label them with your markers, using the correct colors. Moving house has never been easier!

How to Encourage Kids to Draw with Chalk Markers

Some kids might need a gentle nudge to work on drawing and related skills, but just a tad of encouragement can provide the motivation your little ones need to pick up a chalk marker and have a go:

No Pressure

Give your kids lots of opportunities to take up a marker and draw. But make sure there’s no pressure, and don’t tell them what to draw. Some children will think they can’t ‘do it right’ and will avoid drawing when, and however, they can. The trick is to convince them that drawing is not a special activity, and the focus should be on having fun. Let your kids draw on their own terms. Don’t stand over them watching. Instead, give them space to experiment with chalk markers on their own terms, with no pressure and no direction.

Let Kids Draw What They Are Interested IN

Encourage your kids to draw whatever they are into at the time. Be it a favorite superhero, an animal they are particularly fond of, or some character they love to watch on TV. Drawing something that interests them is a really fun way to wake their creativity.

Keep the Markers Handy

Make the markers easily accessible. Keep a basket and a suitable surface in the kid’s room so they can simply grab a marker whenever the fancy takes them. You could also make a play shop, a fantasy post office, or anything that needs signs and accessories.