Best Liquid Chalk Markers
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Your #1 Guide to Chalk Markers

Liquid chalk markers are becoming more and more popular among teachers, artists and crafters. With so many different brands available it’s difficult to know which ones deliver on their promises. Problems with inferior brands include runny marking liquid, dull colors and toxic contents. Some of those are quite expensive as well, so you don’t want to end up being disappointed with your purchase.

Look out for the brands that seem cheaper but contain very little ink. While liquid chalk markers aren’t normally considered “serious artists’” choice of medium, you still want to find the best chalk markers for your creative project. Rest easy, though, there are some great chalk marker brands out there and we’re here to help you find and use them to their full potential.

Chalk markers are so much fun to use. They are smudge-proof, and you won’t end up with dust all over your hands as you do with conventional chalk. Markers are also rain-proof, which means they are ideal for scripting sandwich boards outside restaurants and coffee shops, and for tabletop message boards.

And it doesn't matter what you’ve drawn or written; it will stay put unless you wipe it off with a wet cloth. You also have the option of thick or thin nibs, which can cater to your own creativity, whatever your level of inspiration!

How to Choose the Best Chalk Markers

Look for bright, vibrant colors. Choose a set that has a wide range of colors. This will ensure you have enough choice for different projects. All you want to make sure is they stand out against various surfaces. Look for a versatile brand that can be used on different kinds of surface. These should include glass, plastic, metal and of course, chalkboards.

Next up, check on the reviews to see how erasable the markers are. You don’t want to be damaging the surfaces you’re drawing on. Check the tip shape. Chalk Markers are available in bullet and chisel tips but some are even reversible.

Liquid Chalk Marker Reviews

We know that traditional chalk exposes you and your children to unhealthy chalk dust. It’s also not easy to clean and leaves faint but visible marks on the surface. It makes sense then that chalk markers are the better option. But which are the best? We scoured the market to find superior chalk markers, and we set criteria for what we consider to be essential features. The marker's ability to write on a variety of different surfaces was high on our list of 'essentials.' From windows to picture frames, whiteboards and chalkboards, bistro boards, and ceramics; we tested them all.

Here are our reviews of some of the best chalk markers available in 2019.

Chalk Ink 6mm Chalk Markers

These are basic but useful because they’re sold individually. This means that you can pick and choose the colors specific to your project. You won’t have a problem finding the right color because these are made in an extensive range of over twenty different shades. These range from bright neons through to white.

This brand doesn’t use any toxic chemicals in their formulation. Like other liquid chalk markers, they can only be used on surfaces that aren’t porous. This includes glass, ceramic, metal and whiteboards. User reports say that the quality is good on a chalkboard and they would definitely purchase them again. Buyers enjoy the ease of use and the brilliant color spectrum.

CraftyCroc Liquid Chalk Markers

This range offers something for everyone and every type of project. The brand makes three different kinds of markers- earth toned, neon, and everything in between. Vibrant colors and good staying power make these a pleasure to create with. They come with reversible tips, both chisel and bullet point, great for both fine and bold drawing.

The best part is that CraftyCroc offers a 90-day money back guarantee on their award-winning markers, so you can’t lose. The markers hold twice the amount of ink than any other brand on the market. This means that they last much, much longer and offer exceptional value for money.

These markers aren’t just useful in the school setting, but also for encouraging kids to be creative. Use them on your home windows to draw holiday decorations like snowflakes at Christmas time. Restaurant owners will love them for creating menus and shop owners can use them to decorate shopfront windows.

User reports range from “extremely impressed” through to “great product and quality for the price”. Many say they won’t use any other brand, while others say that they purchased multiple boxes at one time. CraftyCroc markers are easy to rub out with a wet or dry cloth. They can be used on many surfaces, from glass (think windows and mirrors), tiles, plastic, metal, whiteboards and even card. Chalk Markers are so versatile you’ll wonder how you ever managed in your home, business, school and office without them!

Chalkfiti Chalk Markers

We love that these markers have been specially created to allow kids to make their own washable graffiti. They’re also really simple to use, once the contents have been mixed. Chalkfiti markers come with a super neat, separate chalk container. This is where you add water and shake well to mix. Next, screw on the sponge tip and let the fun begin! The kids can spend the whole day creating gorgeous graffiti on the wall outside or even on the pavement. When you need to clean up, you just hose it off. Chalkfiti markers come in a set of blue, green, pink, and yellow.

Dala Chalk Markers

What grabbed us about Dala markers is the sheer choice of vibrant colors. The basic kit is a set of four in a box and consists of the primary colors red, blue, and yellow, plus white. Secondary colors that include purple, pink, and green are also available. Our advice is to get both. Dala's colors are bright and true, and worked particularly well against dark backgrounds like blackboards. Teachers will love the way they wipe off so easily, leaving the surface instantly ready for further use. They’ll also appreciate the fact that these markers are non-toxic. Dala markers can be easily and quickly cleaned with a damp cloth, but a dry cloth will do the job just as well in a pinch.

Jarmelo Liquid Chalk Markers

Available in six vibrant colors, Jarmelo uses the best quality ink that dries very quickly, so they won't smudge your artwork or your hands. These high-quality markers create the same effect as traditional chalk but with no dust and a lot less mess! Jarmelo's markers are odorless and non-toxic, so are perfectly safe for children to use. Remember not to use the markers on walls or other porous surfaces as they will be difficult to erase. Jarmelo markers are best used on any smooth surfaces like windows, blackboards, jars, and metal containers. Let your imagination run wild!

Joan Miro Liquid Chalk Markers

Joan Miro's markers are made in England to stringent specifications. They’re non-toxic and environmentally friendly, so completely safe for anyone over the age of 3 to use. Our sample pack consisted of six basic colors, namely yellow, red, green, blue, purple, and white. Once shaken, the markers write fluently and dry very quickly. The great thing about these markers is that the nib has a hard inner core, so they aren't prone to damage and do not easily lose their shape. The markers are just under six inches long and have a diameter of about half an inch, which makes them perfect for little hands to hold. Wipe the chalk away with a damp cloth when you’re finished with your art project, and get right on with the next one!

Chalkola Chalk Markers

One of the things we liked about Chalkola markers is that they come in a variety of sets for a range of different applications. They’re available with reversible 3mm, 6mm, 10mm and 15 mm high density and extremely durable nibs. They don’t fray or crack. What more could you ask! We also love that they work on both porous and non-porous surfaces. If the surface is non-porous, the markers will rub off easily with a damp cloth. If the surface is porous, such as concrete, painted walls, or paper, Chalkola markers function as permanent markers, offering the ultimate in freedom of expression.

The ink is high quality, water-based and delivers a fully saturated, smudge-free line that seems to flow freely from the wrist. It's non-toxic and absolutely odorless too. The markers are available in three options: a fine tip variety that consists of eight earth-colored pens with a reversible 3mm nib that’s either bullet or chisel-shaped. The neon and metallic pack comes with a whopping 21 colors, each with a 6mm reversible tip. Our favorite has to be the vintage style set with ten gorgeous soft, vintage style colors and 6mm reversible nibs.

Positive Art Liquid Chalk Markers

The makers of these stunning chalk markers really have thought of everything. You can buy them in a combo pack that includes a spray and erasers, or you can purchase individual markers on their own. We tested the premium quality set that comes with 30 colors. You get blue, red and yellow, of course, but also a fantastic array of shades in between. Positive Art markers let you create fabulous, unique designs without ever running out of color options. And while the ink wipes off easily with a wet cloth, it is long-lasting, and the colors remain vibrant for long periods. But the best part is that all markers from Positive Art come with a money-back guarantee in the unlikely event you’re not happy with your purchase. Highly recommended!